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In the past, IT referred to hardware -- computers, servers, networks, etc.  Today, you should look at IT as an integral part of your organization's strategic plan.  Understanding how IT impacts your processes, budgets, branding, and operations is critical.  IT Strategic Solutions can help you manage all of your IT needs, which leads to improved processes, predictable budgets, favorable image branding, and success.

In order to take control of your IT, we recommend a four-step process that includes consultation, analysis, marketing and strategic design.  While ITSS provides each of these services collectively, they are also available individually.  Are you satisfied with your IT infrastructure, processes and budget, but find your web and social media presence is holding you back?  ITSS can address any or all of your IT needs.

Additionally, we provide individual services including Web and Domain Solutions, Managed Services, and Employee Training

Below is our four-step process.  Feel free to explore, and contact us if you would like more information.

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IT Strategic Solutions specializes in small to medium-sized business.  These organizations rely on IT just as much as large organizations, but often do not have the internal resources to leverage IT in a meaningful and productive way.  IT Strategic Solutions uses a multi-pronged approach to understanding your business' IT needs and designs a custom solution specific to your company.


Many IT companies focus on technology equipment without fully understanding the organization's culture and objectives.  IT Strategic Solution gets to know your company, it's employees, and objectives before any IT analysis.  Understanding your business is critical to understanding your IT needs.  IT Strategic Solutions meets with your staff one-on-one to understand your business and how technology can help you achieve your business objectives.


Take control of your organization's IT needs.  Let IT Strategic Solutions help you learn how.  Make IT work for you!


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What you can expect.

Many small to medium-sized organizations know IT is not meeting their needs, but don't have the expertise to move forward.  Most can't afford a full-time IT employee, leaving them reliant on companies that drop in, make adjustments and/or recommendations, and then leave, without fully understanding the full IT picture.  IT is more than hardware and software.  IT needs to be part of your organizational-wide strategy.


IT Strategic Solutions conducts a thorough analysis of your organization's state of IT. This includes its infrastructure, systems, processes, security, employee IT readiness, and more. Recommendations are determined based on industry best practices as well as the individual and specific needs of your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Recommendations are designed around the organization's IT needs, budgetary limitations, and probability for success.  We meet face-to-face to discuss our findings and recommendations before moving forward with a strategic solution.


Marketing & Branding

A strategic IT plan must include a marketing strategy.

Developing an IT strategic plan is essential for daily operations; however, technology must also be an integral part of your marketing and branding.  IT Strategic Solutions helps you develop marketing strategies related to your technology, including web design and strategies for making the most of social media opportunities.

Web Design

A well designed, professional website is vital to your organization.  Your website is more than a billboard.  It's where search engines process complex algorithms that determine whether your site is found or your competitors'.  It's the cornerstone of your branding and should serve to improve efficiencies in your daily operations.

Already have a website in need of a facelift?  Learn how we can help

Social Media

Your website is crucial to your marketing plan, but you can't ignore social media.  Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and successful businesses are leveraging social media as a part of their marketing strategy.  IT Strategic Solutions can help your organization develop a powerful, professionally-designed website and social media marketing strategy.

Developing A Strategic Plan

Where it all comes together!


Once we know your business, assess your current state of technology, and develop an IT marketing plan, IT Strategic Solutions develops a comprehensive IT strategic plan to help move your business forward. This includes improving efficiencies in your business processes, developing a predictable and affordable IT budget, and designing a multi-year IT strategic plan to position your organization for success.

laptop pro

*Your Plan Will:

  • Provide a detailed explanation of your current state of technology highlighting strengths and weaknesses including:

    • Network infrastructure and security

    • Server systems and security

    • Data storage solutions and security

    • Telephony solutions

    • Printing solutions

    • Video surveillance solutions

    • End-user solutions

  • Provide a roadmap for improving your state of technology based on your organizations needs and budget

  • Design an IT marketing strategy around your website and social media avenues

  • Include recommendations for training needs of your staff

  • Provide recommendations for IT vendors where applicable

  • And more

*Some reporting is optional

Stand Alone Services

We provide an number of individual services to ensure your success.


Web and Domain Solutions

Some organizations are looking for a simpler solution.  In many cases, they are simply looking for a professional web presence that drive business and efficiencies.  Whether it's a new site or giving your current site a "facelift," ITSS is your web design expertWe provide domain names, hosting, integrated email including Office 365 and Google for Business, SSL certificates and ADA compliance.


Managed Services

Most organizations rely on technology for in their daily operations; however, many are too small to justify the cost of a full-time IT specialist.  ITSS can be your IT specialist without the cost of a full-time employee.  Whether you need network management, servers, VoIP system or end-user computers managed, ITSS can serve as your IT staff at a fraction of the cost.  Contact us to learn what we can do for you.


Employee Training

Let's face it, technology is an integral part of your daily operations, and unless your employees are familiar with your software systems, you're losing out on efficiencies and profit potential.  ITSS can conduct employee training on any number of common software applications to include Office and Office 365, as well as Google Workspace applications.  Training sessions can be conducted on-site or virtually.  Contact ITSS to learn more.